Our Tequilas

Our Tequilas will tantalize your tastebuds

Mar Azul is different! Our tequilas are made with the heart of the finest Blue Weber Agave and 100% natural ingredients. We cannot and would not take short-cuts to make our handcrafted tequilas. As a result, Mar Azul Tequila is a beautifully aromatic and stunningly smooth tequila with a rich vibrant taste and delightful finish. We invite you to taste the difference!

MAR AZUL Tequila appeals to people who are health conscious because the product is:
  • Low in calories
  • Much healthier
  • No sugar


Mar Azul Tequila offers quality flavors that create an explosion of taste on the first sip. Our aged Tequilas such as Anejo and Reposado offer an earthy, semi-sweet taste with touches of wood and caramel to end the sip. Our flavors will leave you salivating for more.

Mar Azul provides quality taste by committing to quality traditions.

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